Coravin Argon Gas Stainless Steel Capsules

Coravin Argon Gas Stainless Steel Capsules

Coravin Argon Gas Stainless Steel Capsules

Preserve the Flavor of Your Wine with Coravin Capsules


Coravin Argon Gas Stainless Steel Capsules are the perfect companion for the Coravin Wine Preservation System. These capsules are designed to preserve the flavor of your wine, allowing you to enjoy it glass by glass without pulling the cork. With their high-quality standards and patented technology, Coravin capsules are trusted by winemaking companies worldwide.

Key Features

99.9% Ultra Argon Gas

Coravin Capsules are filled with over 99.9% ultra argon gas, ensuring that your wine’s flavor remains intact. This gas has no adverse reaction with red or white wine, making it the ideal choice for wine preservation.

Patented Technology

The patented capsule technology creates a tight seal, preventing any argon gas from escaping during the pour process. This ensures that there is no oxidation, preserving the quality of your wine.

High Quality Standards

Manufactured in Austria, Coravin capsules are produced using up-to-date manufacturing processes and deep-cleaning technology that exceeds food-grade standards. You can trust that each capsule is of the highest quality.

Large Capacity

Each Coravin capsule has the power to pour up to fifteen glasses of wine. This allows you to extend your wine experience from bottle to bottle, ensuring that you can enjoy your favorite wines for longer.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long does a Coravin capsule last?

A single Coravin capsule can preserve up to 15 glasses of wine. The lifespan of a capsule depends on how often you use it, but on average, it can last for several months.

2. Can I use Coravin capsules with any wine?

Yes, Coravin capsules can be used with both red and white wines. The argon gas has no adverse reaction with any type of wine, preserving the flavor and quality.

3. Are Coravin capsules safe to use?

Yes, Coravin capsules are safe to use. They are manufactured using high-quality standards and exceed food-grade requirements. The capsules are designed to create a tight seal, preventing any gas leakage.


Coravin Argon Gas Stainless Steel Capsules are the perfect solution for wine enthusiasts who want to enjoy their favorite wines glass by glass. With their high-quality standards, patented technology, and large capacity, these capsules ensure that your wine remains fresh and flavorful. Trust Coravin, the leader in wine preservation, to enhance your wine experience.