Cylinder Pistons Set

Cylinder Pistons Set

This is a replacement strong thermal diffusion piston ring kit made of 46mm high silicon aluminum alloy for 555 560 562 chain saws.

Product Review

The cylinder pistons set is a high-quality replacement kit for chain saws. The thermal diffusion piston ring ensures efficient heat dissipation, and the high silicon aluminum alloy construction provides durability and strength. The 46mm size makes it compatible with a range of chain saw models, including the 555, 560, and 562.

Customer Comment

“I was impressed with the quality of this piston set. It was easy to install and made a noticeable improvement in the performance of my chain saw.”


The piston set is designed to meet the high demands of chainsaw operation, providing reliable performance and longevity.


Overall, the cylinder pistons set is a great investment for anyone looking to maintain or upgrade their chain saw. The high-quality materials and precise construction ensure a perfect fit and reliable performance.