FVTLED APP Controlled RGB Led Step Lights – Product Description

FVTLED APP Controlled RGB Led Step Lights – Product Description

FVTLED APP Controlled RGB Led Step Lights

Enhance your outdoor space with the FVTLED APP Controlled RGB Led Step Lights. This set includes 10pcs of security driveway lights that are designed to provide both functionality and aesthetics. With their low voltage design, these lights are energy-efficient and safe to use.

Key Features

Remote Control via WiFi

With the FVTLED APP, you can easily control these step lights from anywhere in your home. Simply connect the lights to your WiFi network and use the app to adjust the brightness, change colors, or set timers. It’s a convenient way to create the perfect ambiance for any occasion.

Compatibility with Alexa and Google Home

Integrate these step lights into your smart home system with ease. They are compatible with both Alexa and Google Home, allowing you to control the lights using voice commands. Say goodbye to manual switches and enjoy the convenience of hands-free control.

High-Quality RGB Lighting

The RGB lighting of these step lights adds a touch of color to your outdoor space. Choose from a wide range of colors to suit your mood or create a vibrant atmosphere for parties and gatherings. The lights are dimmable, allowing you to adjust the brightness to your preference.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can these lights be used indoors?

While these lights are designed for outdoor use, they can also be used indoors. Whether you want to illuminate your staircase, hallway, or any other indoor area, these step lights are a versatile lighting solution.

How do I install these lights?

Installation is quick and easy. Each light comes with screws and mounting brackets, allowing you to securely attach them to any surface. The lights are low voltage, so there’s no need for complicated wiring.

Can I schedule the lights to turn on and off automatically?

Yes, you can set timers using the FVTLED APP. Whether you want the lights to turn on at sunset or turn off at a specific time, you have full control over their schedule.


The FVTLED APP Controlled RGB Led Step Lights are a versatile and convenient lighting solution for your outdoor space. With their remote control capabilities, compatibility with smart home systems, and high-quality RGB lighting, these lights offer both functionality and style. Upgrade your home’s ambiance and enjoy the convenience of hands-free control with these innovative step lights.