Garment Brand

Garment Brand

This is the top-level heading for the garment brand, which represents the overall brand identity and image.


This heading represents the specific category of products within the garment brand, such as shirts, pants, or dresses.


Refers to the quality and consistency of the garments produced by the brand, ensuring that they meet certain industry standards.


Indicates the cost of the garments, which can vary depending on factors such as materials, design, and production methods.

Label Tagging

Describes the process of attaching labels to the garments, providing important information such as size, care instructions, and fabric content.

TAG Gun Tagger Labeller

This heading refers to the tool used for attaching tags to garments, ensuring that they are securely and neatly affixed.

Overall, the garment brand strives to maintain high standards in its clothing production, ensuring quality, consistency, and accurate pricing for its customers.