Momcozy Ultra-Light & Hands-Free Breast Pump V2: The Perfect Solution for Busy Moms

Momcozy Ultra-Light & Hands-Free Breast Pump V2: The Perfect Solution for Busy Moms


Being a busy mom doesn’t mean you have to compromise on providing the best for your baby. With the Momcozy Ultra-Light & Hands-Free Breast Pump V2, you can now pump anytime and anywhere without any hassle. This innovative breast pump is designed to meet the needs of exclusive pumping moms on the go, offering a natural pumping rhythm and increased milk production.


  • Material: PP + Food-Grade Silicone
  • Maximum Vacuum: -288mmHg
  • Scaled Collector Capacity: 6 oz
  • Charge Time: About 2.8h
  • Usage Time: 180 mins/6 pumping sessions
  • Rechargeable Battery Capacity: 1800mAh
  • Charging Port: Type-C (compatible with 5V 2A adapter)

Ultra-Lightweight, Hands-Free, Portable

The Momcozy V2 Hands-Free Breast Pump is designed with your convenience in mind. The double-sealed flange offers a secure and comfortable fit, while the pocket-size motor (only weighs 0.28lb) allows for easy one-handed operation. The unique design of the milk bowl (only weighs 0.26lb on one side) fits the breast curve, ensuring a comfortable and discreet pumping experience. With its invisible design and hands-free feature, you can pump anytime and anywhere without any hassle.

Flexible & Convenient

Experience unrivaled flexibility with our V2 portable breast pump. It features 3 modes and 9 levels to cater to different breastfeeding needs. Whether you need stimulation, expression, or a mixed mode, you can easily adjust the settings to achieve efficient pumping sessions and ensure optimal milk flow for maximum convenience.

Pumping As You Like

The Momcozy Breast Pump V2 is designed for maximum comfort and ease of use. It offers the option for a single pump or double pumping, allowing you to choose the way that suits you best. Whether you’re at home or on the go, you can pump with confidence and convenience.

Better Comfort & Fit

We understand the importance of comfort during pumping sessions. That’s why our breast pump features a double-sealed flange crafted from BPA-free and soft food-grade silicone. This ensures a secure and leak-free pumping session, while the 105掳 wide-angle design provides a more discreet and gentle fit.

Go Out With Confidence

Powered by a 1800mAh rechargeable battery, the Momcozy V2 Breast Pump provides convenience for on-the-go pumping. You can confidently go about your day knowing that you have the freedom to pump whenever and wherever you need to. With multiple pumping sessions on a single charge, this breast pump is the perfect partner for busy moms out there.

Less Hassle For Moms

We understand that being a mom is already a full-time job. That’s why we’ve made the Momcozy V2 Breast Pump as hassle-free as possible. It comes with 5 flange sizes (17/19/21/24/27mm), meeting the needs of mothers at different stages. With only 4 pump parts to clean, you can start your breastfeeding journey effortlessly.


The Momcozy Ultra-Light & Hands-Free Breast Pump V2 is the perfect solution for busy moms who want to provide the best for their babies. With its portable and hands-free design, flexible pumping modes, and comfortable fit, this breast pump offers convenience and efficiency like no other. Say goodbye to the hassle of traditional breast pumps and embrace the freedom and ease of the Momcozy V2.