TAMA CB900ASH Accu-Strike Cobra Beater

TAMA CB900ASH Accu-Strike Cobra Beater

TAMA CB900ASH Accu-Strike Cobra Beater

Are you tired of using ordinary drum beaters that lack precision and control? Look no further than the TAMA CB900ASH Accu-Strike Cobra Beater. This innovative drum accessory is designed to take your drumming to the next level, providing you with unmatched performance and versatility.


1. Accu-Strike Technology

The CB900ASH Accu-Strike Cobra Beater features TAMA’s exclusive Accu-Strike technology, which ensures precise and consistent strikes on your drumhead. With its unique design, this beater allows you to achieve maximum impact and control, resulting in a powerful and defined sound.

2. Adjustable Beater Head

Unlike traditional beaters, the CB900ASH allows you to adjust the beater head to your desired angle. This feature enables you to customize your drumming experience, whether you prefer a softer or harder strike. The adjustable beater head also helps to prolong the life of your drumhead by distributing the impact evenly.

3. Cobra Coil

Equipped with TAMA’s patented Cobra Coil, the CB900ASH offers enhanced rebound and response. The Cobra Coil acts as a spring, providing additional power and speed to your strokes. This feature is especially beneficial for fast-paced drumming styles, allowing you to play with precision and agility.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I use the CB900ASH with any drum pedal?

A: Yes, the CB900ASH is compatible with most drum pedals. Its universal design ensures a seamless fit, allowing you to upgrade your drumming experience without having to invest in a new pedal.

Q: How durable is the CB900ASH?

A: The CB900ASH is built to last. It is constructed with high-quality materials that can withstand the rigors of regular drumming. Rest assured, this beater will accompany you on countless drumming sessions without losing its performance or durability.


The TAMA CB900ASH Accu-Strike Cobra Beater is a game-changer for drummers of all skill levels. Its innovative features, such as Accu-Strike technology, adjustable beater head, and Cobra Coil, elevate your drumming experience to new heights. Say goodbye to ordinary beaters and unlock your true drumming potential with the CB900ASH.